The village of South Hylton has long been a close knit community where people have always shown a willingness to help each other. The previous community centre, which was erected as a “temporary” building in 1976 was becoming very unkempt and difficult to maintain and therefore failing to meet the needs of a growing population.

When the old building became virtually untenable to use and keep in shape, the community decided that if there was ever to be a new centre, the drive for it would have to come from the village itself. Because of the hard work and dedication of many of the villagers this “drive” never diminished.

With many years of hard work and relentless fund raising in conjunction with many of the city’s civil partners, sufficient funds were raised in order to plan and build a new community centre on the site of the old one, this amounted to nearly 700,000 pounds.

This process took approximately 8 years from start to completion, with manys headaches and heartaches along with numerous obstacles placed in our way. This included sponsored events, bring and buy sales, fetes, collecting bottles and many other ways of fundraising.
Eventually the centre was funded completely by the village and all the fund raising efforts.

During the building process we had to find a name for the centre and asked some of the village childeren if they could come up with a suitable name.
What they came up with is “Tansy” named after the small yellow flower of a herb used in healing which grows near to the river Wear and we thought that this was very apt, as it was shown to be local, and could be helpful in “healing” the community to be even closer as well as being something that could be a benefit to the village as a whole.